#VikingArtyParty at The Chimney House, Sheffield

#VikingArtyParty at The Chimney House, Sheffield

I love an arts and crafts session, so when I was invited to the #VikingArtyParty I was really rather excited! There are plenty of crafts I enjoy so it was great to see what was on offer.

The #VikingArtyParty was based at The Chimney House, a venue I’ve been to a number of times before. It always amazes me how beautiful it is both inside and out. Anyhow, I digress.

Photo by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou

There were 20 or so bloggers participating in the day. The majority of people were from Sheffield but a few had travelled here for the day. It was great to put actual faces to, well, virtual faces. I’d chatted with a fair few people via social media. I’d never attended a bloggers meet like this before but I soon got chatting to the lovely Petra and Prue. Once everyone had arrived the day began.

We were all separated into groups, I was in the blue team (although this wasn’t a competition), for simplicities sake I’ll just call it team! There were three different crafty tasks we were having a go at. Our first was origami with the fantastic Jane from Tea and Crafting.


I used to love paper crafts when I was younger. Making something as simple as a sheet of paper into something pretty, is awesome. When I saw what we were making, pretty paper flowers, I did gulp! How on earth could I make something like this?! Anyhoo, following Jane’s step-by-step instructions we got there in the end and hey presto…pretty little flowers. I did have a sense of accomplishment and I was also inspired to make more – lots more (I haven’t done this as yet, but I shall!!).

My Pretty Flowers

So, lunch was next. The majority of us were expecting a few nibbles and such, but nope we were lucky enough to feast on HUGE Italian style sandwiches. Seriously, huge, they could have fed a family of four! Delicious and filling, but I did leave a little space for a key lime pie tart. Yes, it would have been rude not to have one *insert smiley face here*.

Paper Cutting

After a short break, we back to the rest of #VikingArtyParty and our next challenge was paper cutting with Maddie from Tea and Crafting. This did seem fairly simple, but in reality it’s soooo hard.

Photo by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou who caught my concentrating face perfectly

My sister in law does a lot of paper cutting as a hobby and she makes it seem so simple. I’ll tell you what though, it is worth it once it’s done. I made a J for Jenn, obviously, and now I just need to frame it. I was very proud of my efforts!


The final event of the day was my nemesis, calligraphy. I have neat and expressive handwriting, so why oh why did I find this such a challenge. There were beautiful pens, gorgeous paper and plenty of hints and tips from wonderful Joyce of artsynibs. I love typography and have always had an interest in calligraphy, but this just wasn’t working for me – Joyce if you’re reading this I’m still trying!

Photo by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou who caught my concentrating face perfectly again!

As the day ended we were each given a goody bag full of paper and pens to keep practicing the wonderful skills we’d learnt throughout the day.

What a lovely gift – Photo by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou

It was a fab day. I met some wonderfully talented people. I really enjoyed it and it was great to have an event for bloggers in Sheffield instead of heading to Leeds, Manchester or even that London.

Thank you to Jennie for inviting me to the #VikingArtyParty, all the equipment we used was courtesy of Viking, (as someone who can never have too many pens I’m already drumming up a huge list of wants from their site!).

Final thoughts captured by the very talented Elouisa Georgiou


All photography where stated taken by the wonderfully talented Elouisa Georgiou hats off to you girl, you’ve captured the day beautifully.




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