That First Challenging Blog Post

That First Challenging Blog Post

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a blog. I deleted my previous one and since then I’ve been stuck in a ‘how do I start a new blog‘ kind of mode. So I’m taking the plunge with this one. You see today I saw my GP, and she set me a challenge. I have had anxiety and depression for a very long time now, and my GP has been amazingly supportive. Today, we spoke about creativity and ‘me’ time, I mentioned that I’d been struggling to get motivated with my creative side. I mentioned about setting up a new blog and so, she has challenged me to get things going and when I see her in three months time I’ll have pages full of words, experiences, photos and I’ll find myself in a better space (mentally speaking), so here we go!

I have no set expectations of how this blog will pan out, but I do plan to use this space as a place to talk and share experiences in a light-hearted way.





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