Summer Dreaming | Garden Living

Summer Dreaming | Garden Living

Summer living and garden living, oh yes. Summer is just around the corner and I’m already planning my outdoor space or it’s known my garden.

After years of living in a large but stuffy flat I now have a garden of my own (well I share it with Gary and Tony the cat) but it’s a space that I call my own (okay, ours!).

Summer summer summertime, summertime.

Time to sit back and unwind.


To be honest it’s a bit of a novelty. My outdoor life usually consists of either a pub beer garden, walk in the park or a music festival or two. My, how times have changed. We’re only talking a couple of months since we moved house! Yet, there are no (what we’d call) good pubs near by, yes there’s a couple of green spaces and parks but I’ve never been one of those people who’d sit in a park with a G&T, well unless it was at a music festival!

So our garden is a bit of a strange one. It may sound huge when I tell you there’s three levels to it, but it’s not. There’s a terrace area, lawn and then the bottom bit (I can’t think of a fancy title for that!).

So what have we done in the garden so far?

We’ve painted the fences a shade of blue. We used the Cuprinol one coat and it needed about 5 of the suckers to cover the red stain that was previously on it. We also added a new trellis to the terrace part of the garden, painted it blue and now it looks a lot smarter. The paint was a deal, it was on clearance in B&Q, so I’m not going to complain about harder labour and painters shoulder here.

Summer Dreaming | Garden Living

Blue is the colour

We discovered Jysk, it’s Scandi style stuff on a par with Ikea but with less selection but the prices are good so we bought a little table and chairs.

I bought some flamingoes, not real ones obviously, but I saw a deal on Groupon or Living Social and they were cheapo and I like flamingoes. Also Gary won’t let me paint anything in the garden pink!

Summer Dreaming | Garden Living

I’ve recently become obsessed with solar lights. Pretty much every solar light I see I want to buy. I also need to buy some citronella candles as I hate flying things; bees, wasps, flies you know the score.

We bought a cheapy BBQ off ebay. I’d seen the same one on a number of sites for more money, as it’s our first BBQ I was happy to buy something cheap and cheerful even if I did have to put it together myself. We’ll see how we get on with this one and may be invest in something a bit more longstanding. Actually, I forgot to say it’s not just a BBQ it’s also a smoker and I think you can use it for something else too, but yeah I forgot!

Summer Dreaming | Garden Living

My BBQ looks like a Dalek

Things I need for my garden

Well, this is the deal. I want lots of colourful things, but I shall save this for another post I think! 

At the moment, we still have to paint the shed and do something with the awful pebbledash on the side of the garage, at the moment we’re looking at trying to get it plain white – hard work required I know! Also I’m going to try and grow some flowers and herbs. I’m not going to go allotment here, I’m far too lazy, but a few herbs here and there will be okay.

I’m looking forward to spending days in the garden, inviting friends round, having a beer, planting stuff and relaxing.

Fingers crossed for more sunny days!

Summer Dreaming | Garden Living






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