Something Someone Gave Me

This post is about ‘something some one gave me’. I thought about things people had given me, quotes about life, bits of advice, presents, food you name it, I wracked my brains to think of something that meant something really personal. It’s been hard to think of just one thing, but then it occurred to me that there was something I’d not had for long but it was a gift and a thoughtful one at that.

I love handmade gifts, they have a lot of meaning behind them (not deep meanings), the time and effort put into these things, especially when it’s personal are simply delightful.

My sister in law made me a beautiful gift, she spent time thinking about events in my life, hobbies, occasions and the things I like. She designed it and cut it, it must have taken her ages to do it. I was presented it on my birthday, I couldn’t believe the detailing and moments she’d remembered, some of which had slipped me by. It was touching and I was gobsmacked (which makes a change).

There are so many things in this picture that make me smile. I love the Wizard of Oz, Sheffield Wednesday, music, my GHDs, cats…there’s so much in there, even places I’ve lived in the past. This is something I look at and it makes me smile, thank you Liz for such a thoughtful gift.

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