Shuffle 17: Valentines Special

I have to admit something, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.

Over priced chocolates, floppy roses, busy restaurants full of couples and sweet sickly cards for your loved one don’t really do it for me. Personally, I prefer a quiet night in a good meal (home cooked or take away, I’m not that fussy!), catching up on crap on TV or a good film, something simple.

I do give Gary a card every so often, but I never expect one in return. Valentine’s is just one day, I enjoy spoiling my loved one 365 days of the year – well not every day, but you get my drift! It’s the little things that count as far as I’m concerned, things like buying your favourite chocolate bar, leaving a little note in the lunch box or those big hugs when you get home from work after a shitty day. Things that aren’t overpriced and are simply meaningful.

Anyhow, I’ve put together a little playlist of songs that I love that look at relationships and I guess love as a whole. I hope you enjoy listening.



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  1. Love this it’s so true about Valentine’s Day even though my birthday I still like to stay in with a bottle of fizzy 🙂 loving the playlist

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