Saying Goodbye to 2018: New Year, New Challenges


Well, the door has firmly shut on 2018, it’s time to look ahead to 2019, New Year: New Challenges. Last year there were so many ups and downs in my life. In my head the bad points outweigh the good, my struggles with anxiety at the forefront. It’s taken me a good six months to get back into gear after an anxiety ridden summer. In reality, 2018 really was a good year. I learnt about myself and how important I am. The upside of hitting rock bottom is the only was is up!

Entering 2019, I am a more content person. I’ll always struggle with anxiety at times, but that is completely normal. After feeling like I was held back last year, this year I am determined to make the most of things. I want to live my life and have fun, it really is as simple as that.


What do I want to do?

Be me, I want to keep developing the person I am. I want to be the best person I can inside and out. I don’t need to change my personality but I do want to change my outlook to be more positive and more ‘this girl can’.

My blog is another thing I am going to work on. It’s a great outlet for creativity and it also helps with my mental health. There are times I have so many things in my head it feels like I’m going to burst, so I simply write it down.

So, plan for this year is to experience new things (as well as old), record these and maybe share this with others. Without having a crystal ball in front of me, I can’t tell you that 2019 will be peachy but I am determined to get to the end of it!

How will I do it?

  • Be confident. My confidence took a huge hit last year and I’m slowly building it back up. As we know this does take time, but we’ll get there though.
  • Write lists. This is one thing I excel at, I love writing lists. First things first, is a brain dump all everything onto paper, sort it out and then rearrange things according to priorities and interest. This really helps to clear the mind.
  • Find time to just sit and have a moment. Take time for me.
  • Go for walks, adventures, look at pushing myself into trying or going new places.

What helps?

In a word, mindfulness. Anytime anyone has mentioned mindfulness to me, I’ve called it hippy stuff, mainly as I’d heard all about the meditation side of it. The more I’ve looked into it could be anything that gives us awareness of ourselves and the world around us.


My creative interests, like I’ve mentioned, are one the main things that help. Writing and photography are two things I love, I guess that’s why working on my blog is so important to me.

Plans for this year, I have a few goals. If I thought about it, I could write an amazing list but it’d be too much pressure to complete. Plans and goals will change as life goes on, but these are my goals for this year:


  • Look after me
  • Improve my confidence
  • Discover more about the world around me
  • Work more on my blog
  • Take portrait photos
  • Continue to find and learn new things

Do you have any goals or plans for 2019? I’d love to hear them

2019 Me!
2019 Me Style!

Hair – Denim by L’oreal Colorista

Coat, Scarf and Dress – ASOS

Bag – Fiorelli

Tights – UK Tights / Pamela Mann 

Boots – Doc Martens

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