My Three Amigo’s

My Three Amigo’s

Trio, Triooo, Trioooooo, this part of my 52 weeks of gratitude challenge suggests I express gratitude to three people. How do I pick three people?

I know people, lots of people. I’ve thought about people from years gone by, people I know now, people who’ve made me smile, people who’ve let me down, all kinds of people. It then came to me, that the three people I love to bits and count as friends are my three amigos. They aren’t just my friends, but they’re Gary’s friends too. We are all busy with growing up and trying to be responsible adults (some more than others), but we do try and get together once or twice at least a year!

Now, I’m not going to harp on about every aspects of each person, collectively they’re awesome and independently they’re simply wonderful. My three amigo’s happen to be three handsome, witty and wonderful fellas. We’ve shared some fun times and had some wonderful experiences together as pals. They’re all like brothers from other mothers and I love them to bits.


Dear Jamie, Rich and Benge

Thanking you for all the fun we’ve had so far, lets sort that catch up out and have more fun times 🙂

Lots of love

Me x

My Buddies





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