52 Weeks of Gratitude: My Favourite Personality Trait

When it comes to talking about oneself, then it can be difficult. To pick my own favourite personality trait, then that’s tough! Just one personality trait? One from a whole person! Where to start?! I guess it’s that I’m caring…


Displaying kindness and concern for others – this is so me!

I’m a caring person, it’s my very nature. There’s nothing wrong with caring for people. I care about my loved ones, I care at work, I have to I’m a nurse! I couldn’t not care about work: my colleagues, my patients, my job it’s the very essence of it all!

The people who mean the most to me are the ones I

Saying all this, I don’t suffer fools gladly with it, I’m a strong person although at times I wonder if I care too much at times. It does happen! Overthinking things can be a problem when caring, wondering if you’ve done the right thing etc. it beat us all at times.

This is where self-care comes in, although it’s not a personality trait, to care for others means to look after number one first!


I don’t do much when it comes to self-care. Having learnt the hard way, I recognise that you just need a little time out.

There are so many tips for self-care around, I’ve looked at them all I think. There are plenty that appeal to me. I love taking a bath with bubbles of course! Also I enjoy cooking, naps, binge watching Netflix you get the idea but there’s plenty more things that I could do.

Tiny Buddha have lists with all kinds of ideas on, whether you need spiritual, mental, body or mind care. There’s plenty of helpful tips on here. Personally, I do love visuals there’s plenty on Pinterest if you search ‘self-care’, I found a wonderful post from Reflections from a Redhead and I love it. It’s full of easy to follow tips that you can add into everyday life. Another one of my favourites is this by Introvert Doodles on Instagram

There’s plenty of help out there and loads of ideas so go find some and share them with me, I’d love to hear your self-care tips 🙂

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