My City, My Home

I love my city, the scenery, the people and the places. It seems that every week there’s always something new to look at, visit or experience.

Whilst I was writing some notes for this part of my 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge, some awesome chap from the Guardian pretty much took the words out of my mouth and came up with this little article. It’s simply wonderful as it sees the city for something more than the home of Pulp or the Arctic Monkeys, it show’s it off as so much more. It also mentions the fact that Sheffielder’s are happy to keep things in the city close to our chest, but notes that we want more people to invest in the city, not just business wise but as a place to live and grow. It’s a great read.

So why do I love Sheffield?

I was born and raised here. I’ve moved away for university and for work but I always moved back after a couple of years elsewhere. It’s a place that feels like home and is home! I live in a leafy suburb and enjoy looking out of the window to views across Sheffield. I’m 20 mins from the city centre and 10 minute from work, which is pretty sweet.

Sheffield is place where there’s a case of 6 degrees of separation, you meet people and they know at least 2 people you know. Since my teen years I’ve always been able to go out and bump into people I know, whether it just be walking down the street, sat having a meal or on a night out. I love that!

Like I’ve previously said, there’s always something going on or you can make your own fun! Here are five things I love to do:

  • Pub Crawl! I love a good crawl and there’s some fab boozers around! From the suburbs to the city centre to places like Kelham Islands there’s always a trail you can follow and catch some fantastic ales, good hospitality and wonderful pubs.
  • People Watch. You can do this pretty much anywhere I know, but some of my favourite places include Barkers Pool, Eccleshall Road and Broomhill. It’s great to watch people going by, overhear conversations and styles.
  • Street Food. There’s plenty of awesome places to eat straddled around the city, but one of my favourite things is the Peddler Market, which is a street food market full of delights from all over the country, good drinks (soft and hard!) and entertainment. I usually meet up with a group of friends and spend the day chatting, eating, drinking and having fun!
  • Catch a Gig. Sheffield is known for it musicality, there’s plenty of paid gigs, but there’s plenty of free ones too. There’s also Outlines Festival in March and Tramlines in July, which are both paid events but so much fun and there’s some great acts on!
  • Find yourself in Green Spaces. There’s plenty of parks and green spaces dotted around Sheffield. One of my favourite parks is Endcliffe, and the through walk to Forge Dam. I also love the Botanical Gardens and Weston Park with the Museum. They are just lovely places where you can sit and think, or if the weather ever gets warm have a picnic!

These are 5 of my favourite things, what are your 5 favourite things in your city?

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