Meet the Maker: The Steel City Stitches

Meet the Maker: The Steel City Stitches

There are so many awesome independent business around. So much talent and creativity that I thought I’d find out more about the people behind the business and throw some support their way in our Meet the Maker series. So, I thought I’d start a little feature sharing a bit of love to those creators who don’t always get the support or notice – here’s to them. It’s time to Meet the Maker: The Steel City Stitches.

I first noticed The Steel City Stitches on Etsy. Displayed were so many colourful embroidered pictures of anything from nature to festivities. The company hasn’t been going long, and Brittany, the owner, has is a huge talent – I was intrigued to find out more.

Who are you?

I am Brittany Sedgwick, 21 years old from Walkley, Sheffield. (Currently living in Sheffield city centre whilst my partner studies)

What do you do?

I am a self-taught embroidery artist. But have recently discovered the world of wall weaving’s so I shall be making lots of them! 🙂 I have been embroidering now for about a year and a half now I started just after my 20th birthday. My Etsy shop has only officially been open a year on December the 19th.

How did your business get started and how was your brand born?

I started out with a cross stitch magazine from the shops, but I soon discovered that following instructions and patterns was not for me, I never completed the cross-stitch pattern but that was enough for me ha-ha. Even though I was not a fan of cross stitch I knew there must’ve been something else out there and then I found, Embroidery. Embroidering is pretty much the same, I just feel you can be freer and more expressive with different techniques and stitches. And just from that magazine, having that needle and thread in my hand I was hooked.

My Family and friends would tell me how good my work was and that I should start selling. I decided to look into selling and after some research I found that I wanted to start selling on Etsy, an American based site that has a wide range of talented people who make beautiful hand-crafted items.

I chose my business name because, well, I am From Sheffield which is greatly known as “The Steel City” and combining my love for stitching I came up with the name, “The Steel City Stitches” which I think fits perfectly!

The Steel City Stitches

Photo courtesy of The Steel City Stitches

What inspires your work?

Anything inspires my work really, I love bright colours, nature and just fun things that brighten up the day.

What was the first thing you sold?

The first thing I sold was to a friend, it was a custom alien galaxy inspired embroidery hoop.

The first thing I sold to a stranger was to another Sheffield based artist called, “Driftedlinesdesign” and it was an embroidery outline of a naked woman with long red hair as the artist who purchased does a lot of nude art.

During a long day of bossing it, what are your snacks of choice?

My fav snack would be, Sainsburys own Belgium chocolate cake! It’s the best chocolate cake I have ever ate. I normally eat half of it to myself.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment is constant. The fact that I believe in myself and my work takes a lot of effort. Having to work through the self-doubting and negative thoughts. I still keep pushing myself to keep going and to believe in myself. That is what makes me proud constantly.

Sharing is caring, let us meet the maker you can’t get enough of right now?

An independent shop I love is not based in Sheffield, but it’s called “CraftyAcrylics“, I have bought from them 3 times. They make the best personalised gifts.

Where can we find The Steel City Stitches?

The only way I currently sell is through Etsy, the online market place.

Finally in this Meet the Maker: The Steel City Stitches feature, what are your plans for the future?

As for the future I wish to carry on creating with different fibres, textures and colours to create beautiful works of art. I would like to sell in independents shops that sell handmade goods alongside other local artists.

The Steel City Stitches

Photo courtesy of The Steel City Stitches




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