May I Reintroduce Myself…

It’s been a long while since I last blogged. A good few months to be exact. I didn’t plan to break from blogging, but it somehow happened. So, I thought it is time to reintroduce myself.

Hello, hey,  hi, mornin’, afternoon, evening. I’m Jenn and this is my blog, And The Beat Goes is my space for expressing thoughts, ideas, discoveries and so on.

What makes me blog?

My blog is my creative outlet. I love learning and sharing things with others, yes it’s as simple as that! I enjoy discovering new things, especially around my home town. I used to write about music, interview bands and take photos (lots of photos!), I did that for other people but now I do it for me.

I also enjoy other blogs and bloggers, talking through social media and reading their thoughts and what they’ve been up to. Other bloggers really inspire me to get more involved in events and such, it’s a great way of getting to know people.

And The Beat Goes? Why did you call it that?

It’s named it after one of my favourite songs! It’s one of those tunes that just gets you shuffling your feet, it’s got a great beat to it (have a listen and see what I mean!)

There’s a beat in everything. It can be a sound on the street, the music we listen to, it’s something that can give us reason – like a heart beat.

So, why did I break from blogging?

Like I previous mentioned, my break from blogging wasn’t intended. 2017 was a very emotional year in one way or another. I lost my wonderful (step) dad to cancer, a good friend of mine committed suicide and it was all hard to deal with.

It wasn’t all bad news, my amazing other half and I bought our first home together! These things just seem to take forever, but we finally moved in just before Christmas! The stresses that come with that are something crazy! Time just seemed to go so fast, just over a month in and we’re getting settled!

Why am I back?

I’ve missed blogging, thinking of new post ideas, taking photos, writing and simply the network that blogging brings. I’ve been reading other peoples blogs and for some reason I just couldn’t write anything myself. This little space well, it’s somewhere for me to express myself, we all need that don’t we?

So, who am I?

Here’s 10 things about me:
  1. I work as a sister on a specialist intensive care unit
  2. I live with my partner Gary and our cat Tony in our new house (I mentioned that we moved house recently, didn’t!?!)
  3. I love photography, not so much photos of me but taking photos. It’s my plan this year to get more creative with this and may be perfect the perfect flat lay!
  4. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I have board for everything, so many boards!
  5. I suffer with generalised anxiety and depression. Mental health is something that has held me back but I’m conquering it, one step at a time. My confidence waivers at times, but when I’m on it, I’m on it!
  6. I enjoy new experiences whether it be food, drink, places the list goes on.
  7. I love music, all kinds of music. My general playlists tend to be full of trashy pop or 90’s indie (I’m an indie girl at heart), be warned I usually attempt to sing-a-long!
  8. I have an obsession with trainers – Adidas Superstars and Converse, the shiny/sparkly they are the better.
  9. I love cooking and baking and then eating it all. I may even throw in some recipes etc on here.
  10. I am grateful for the little things. I am open and honest. I have a small group of friends that I trust dearly and a family who I love more than life itself.

This is me, tell me about you 😉




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  1. Great to hear you have come back blogging and so sorry 2017 was an emotional year. It is great to come back to the blogging community for support. We deal with ICU departments at work, is good you fit blogging in with a demanding job too. Look forward to more posts xx

    Stacey |

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