Learn, Create, Sell – Laser Cutting Necklace Workshop

I adore the idea of Learn, Create, Sell essentially a creative platform to, well, make stuff. I’m a huge fan of big, bold, quirky necklaces, so when I saw the laser cutting necklace making workshop I couldn’t resist the chance to make my own.

Honestly, I was seriously excited, it was a bargain £20 too!

Nicola and I had booked on to the afternoon session. We were warmly welcomed by Gill who was running the sessions. Once the rest of the group joined us, we were informed about what we had to do step by step. The group was lovely, there were only five of us so there was time to chat and get to know people. Each person in the group had different ideas to what they wanted, this was really rather inspiring.

So what actually goes on to make the necklace – here’s my dummies guide 🙂

Step by Step

We first had to think of a word or phrase to put on. This bit was the hardest, how can you pick just one word or phrase?! Anyhow after much deliberation I came up with ‘beer geek‘, I’ve a few ‘gin‘ necklaces, but nothing to do with my other love, beer!

Stages of the Session

Once I’d decided on this, the design bit happened! I picked a font and size, shaped it a bit and then the really hard bit came, picking a colour for it! I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to acrylic necklaces. I love glitter but there was no glitter, instead there was a metallic silver which caught my eye and yes I chose that!

Then there was the science or at least the magic bit – laser cutting! This really does amaze me, so quick and smooth within a minute or so I had a shiny new pendant. Once finished a chain was then added and hey presto! I had a new necklace!

Make, Sell, Create are hosting more workshops and I’m definitely going to attend another one – next time I’d like to try something bigger and a different design. I’d also like to buy my own laser cutter to make my own pendants, but they’re slightly out of my price range!

My Final Piece!

Would I Recommend This?

Yes! The session was great and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in acrylic necklaces, jewellery making even design as there’s lots of scope for it or even if you just fancy doing something a bit different!

Gill was a great host, full of enthusiasm and a wicked sense of humour. She’s one of those people who you’d love to be your friend!

Learn, Create, Sell is a great community place with lots of opportunities to learn new skills. Like I mentioned early they are hosting more workshops and details can be found on their Facebook page.


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