Lazy Days in Norfolk

Lazy Days in Norfolk

Lazy Days in Norfolk, sounds ideal doesn’t it? Picture the scene, a family holiday set in Langham, North Norfolk. Feeling like the middle of nowhere, it pretty much was. I think the words I am after are rural and idyllic.

As far as I can remember I’ve only been to Norfolk a couple of times one was a work trip on the broads and the other times have been days out in Great Yarmouth a very long time ago! So this felt like an adventure. Five adults, two children and one baby spending a whole week together, that’s enough of an adventure itself for me!

Without going into too much detail, here’s some of my highlights from the trip:

Days at the Beach

Although I say we were staying in a rural location, we weren’t actually that far from several beaches.

Wells Next The Sea

Wells Next The Sea was fab, with its beach huts and open areas. Even though the above picture looks quite cloudy it was a lovely and sunny day. We also visited Cley Next The Sea, Sheringham and Cromer (I’ll come on to Cromer in a bit!).

Sea Dogs

It was hard to resist not going to see the seals at Blakeney Point, so we took a boat trip with Temples to see them. It was awesome, they are so cute even if their back end is a bit weird looking!

Seals at Blakeney Point

Sandringham Estate

This was a place my mum really wanted to go, to be honest I love looking at estates such at this. It was immaculate, the gardens were beautiful, the house was amazing and the staff were welcoming with information about it. They also had a collection of cars used by the Royal family, which were simply stunning.

Sandringham Estate


I had my own reasons for wanting to go to Cromer and it wasn’t for the crab! I’ve followed Brays Cottage on Twitter since I pretty much joined it years ago. They do awesome looking pork pies and I adore pork pies, so I made it my mission to track them down, and I did at a place called Henry’s Coffee Store (which was a lovely little cafe). Oh my word, they were beautiful pork pies! I think I may have to do a mail order when I’m feeling a little bit more flush!

Brays Pork Pie

Also whilst I was in Cromer I picked up a bottle of Norfolk Gin, I’ve not opened it as yet (I know, I know!) but I will feedback on it at some point!

And Finally…

Spending Time with This Lot

The Family






Northern, with a lot of soul.

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