Home-made Tomato Chutney

Home-made Tomato Chutney

No matter what I always seem to end up with a lot of tomatoes left – no matter if they are big or small, ripe or not. During summer I had 4 different tomato plants on the go that produced a hell of a lot of tomatoes, so when the season came to an end, I simply put together a home-made tomato chutney.

Tomato chutney is so easy to make and goes with pretty much anything. I recently used the chutney in my Clonakilty black pudding sausage rolls recipe, and it added that extra zing that is sometimes needed. Seriously, they tasted divine – you can find the recipe here. Other things that the chutney can be used with are:

  • On a cheeseboard
  • Put on burgers or sandwiches
  • As an alternative to ketchup
  • Add to any tomato based recipe for a bit of extra depth of flavour

Chutney also makes a great gift (maybe one for Christmas in a home-made hamper). This recipe doesn’t make a huge batch of chutney, I’ve never made it before. I can safely say, I will be making it again!

Recipe for home-made tomato chutney

250g of sliced red or white onions

500g of tomatoes

1 red chilli chopped

75mls of red wine vinegar

140g brown sugar

Home-made Tomato Chutney

Home-made Tomato Chutney


Peel and slice onions

Roughly chop and deseed tomatoes

Put all the ingredients into a pan, season and simmer for 30-40 minutes until the mixture is jam like.

Once cooled place into a sterilised jar, the chutney will keep in the fridge for around four weeks.

This recipe makes 250-500mls of chutney.

Home-made Tomato Chutney

Home-made Tomato Chutney


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