Five things in October: Getting back on track

Five things in October: Getting back on track

If you read my September post you’ll have seen that my plan was to try and get back to normal. October has brought about a few little changes and a couple of big steps, but we are getting there. Read all about it in my five things in October: getting back on track.

Things are, for sure, getting back to normal, I mean first things first I’ve started back at work. This I supposed to be a good thing(!), but now I’ve got my head back in gear all I see is wasted time. Time where I could have been more productive. It’s surely a sign of improvement isn’t it?!

To be honest it wasn’t much of a chore. I had popped in to work a few times and said hi, so I wasn’t particularly worried about it. The only thing was doing a phased return and building up my hours over shifts – it’s been knackering but I’m three weeks in and I’m coping pretty well. It’s like I’ve never been away!

October has been a challenging month in a few ways, good ways, but it has also been very enjoyable.

Five things in October: Getting back on track
Positive Planning

Since I my anxiety attacks and the big D started my plan was to get over it. With all my might I have tried to stay positive and get to the point I knew I was improving. I am improving, just not back on the A game yet.

I saw the Positive Planner on Instagram and it looked quirky. A yellow book, that shone like sunshine. Essentially it is a bit like a diary. You plan your days, affirmations, give yourself praise and work out what you need to do. You fill it in at the start and end of everyday, so it takes time but once you get into the swing of things it’s pretty easily done.

For me, it shows progress. The fact that I can get things done and I can do them well.

Positive Planner

Positive Planner

Pink Hair: Don’t Care

I was lucky to be gifted a box of Crazy Color pink hair dyes and shampoo. Now, if you know me, you’ll know I colour my hair more frequently than the seasons change. So this was pretty much perfect! I was given it as October is breast cancer awareness month. I’ve written a couple of posts and shared them and photos over social media. I hope I’ve raised at least a bit of awareness.

Pink Hair Don't Care

Pink Hair Don’t Care

Getting Hygge With it

Yep, it’s that time of the year. The clocks have changed. It’s all about getting up in the dark, going to bed in the dark and missing the vitamin D. I love getting on the sofa under a fluffy blanket with a couple of candles burning around me and watch something on the tellybox. It’s all about comfort. I’ve recently bought some wax melts from Pick n Melt so I’ve been giving them a try, they’re not bad some beautiful scents, so I am going to get some more!

New Shoes from Schuh

Like most other women, I always have my eye on the next pair of shoes. Oh yes. I had seen these boots on the Schuh website, so when I found they were having a bit of a sale I checked them out. They’d been reduced to around £60 from £100, so I simply had to have them!

Shoes by Schuh

Shoes by Schuh


They are black leather with glittery bits on each side from Red or Dead. I do love a Red or Dead show, they always fit my feet like a glove!

Photo Walk

Gary and I signed up to do a photo walk. We’d be looking for something different to do for ages. This was part of Sheffield Modernist Society and was situated around Park Hill. If you don’t know Park Hill but have been watch Doctor Who it’s the place where the spiders were at!

So, on a cold Sunday morning we headed over, joined a few like minded people and had a walk around. The sun was shining, it was a bit of a mooch and I still haven’t edited my photos. I will do as soon as I get a mo. It’s such a wonderful place but a lot of it is derelict ready for upgrading, I really can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done but it’s such a shame all that history is going.

Park Hill Photo Walk

Park Hill Photo Walk

October on the whole was a good month. Despite the clocks changing, the days becoming shorter and winter bringing its moody glum weather, there’s always something positive to take from every single day.

Care to share – What were your highlights from October?



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