Five things in May: Fun, Fulfilling and Fantastic

Ah, five things in May moments that were fun fulfilling and fantastic.

Spring certainly has sprung forward and May was full of delights, so without further ago…here’s my five moments of May.

Time Out

Sometimes you just need to zone out, put focus into different things. You see I tend to be an ideas person. I occasionally research projects and do nothing with that research, nada, nothing, zero.  Honestly though, I am starting to be more productive than just planning though!

One thing I did complete recently was from The Geeky Stitching Co. I’ve always loved a bit of cross stitch but don’t have the attention span to complete one of those huge kits. I came across The Geeky Stitching Co a while ago, I bought a secret Santa pressie for one of my work buds. I’d always intended to buy one for myself and at some point I did!

If you’ve seen my Instagram you may know I’ve a little obsession with Flamingoes, so this is perfect for me.

Flamingo Cross Stitch
Flamingo Cross Stitch

Cross stitch isn’t rocket science, in fact it’s so simple. The kit I purchased was so easy to use. It had everything I needed in it and was so pretty. It took two evenings to complete, the only thing is once I’d finished I didn’t know what to do with myself! I still don’t to be honest and I’m really tempted to buy more but which one would I pick?


Having never had a garden before, okay I lie a little. When I lived in Cambridge we had one, it wasn’t our garden or our house (it was rented) but we did plant a few bulbs etc but that was about it.

Now I have my own garden I want all the colours. All the plants and all the things that you need for a garden. Pretty much everything, you get my drift!

Once I’ve made a few tweeks to my garden I may do a bit of a show and tell. I’m loving being outside. Sitting in the sun with a cold drink, tending to seedlings, potting plants, chatting to friends etc it’s so relaxing.

My Garden
BBQ Goodness

When we moved and found there were no ‘decent’ pubs around, we decided that we wanted to be more social. The social type where you invite your friends around and hangout without dickheads getting in the way, may be it’s because I’m getting old? I do love a good night out though, don’t forget that!

I purchased a cheapo BBQ/smoker off the eBay for around £30, mainly to see if we’d actually use it to warrant buying a more expensive one. Anyway, cutting a long story short we’re pretty much BBQ’ing everything and it’s all so good. Of course we’re doing burgers and sausages but also kofta’s, tikka, flatbreads and cheese. At the moment my veins are fully of salty cheese thanks to all the halloumi we’ve scoffed!

BBQ Goodness
Rum and Gin Festival

My lovely Nicola had mentioned checking out the Rum and Gin Festival ages ago. Being a lover of gin and her preferring Rum it seemed the ideal festival, especially as I found tickets on Groupon for £6.50 instead of the £10 they were supposed to be. Okay, I would have spent the £10 on it, but who doesn’t like a bargain?!

Rum and Gin Festival

Held in Trafalgar Warehouse, it was a great festival. Drinks were £5, with that you could pick any drink and mixer. I tried a couple of lovely gins, with my favourite being the Zymurgorium Sweet Violet gin by Manchester Gin. I’d hoped to try That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Spit Roasted Pineapple gin but, alas they’d sold out already *insert sad face here*. Ah well, my surprise find of the day was Yorkshire Lass gin by the Spirits of Bronte Drinks Company, it was a shame I was a bit skint on the day (we all know that week before payday feeling), but one day I shall pick a bottle up!

Rum wise, well I did try a few but to be honest I can’t remember what I had, except they were spiced and fruity and very very nice – cubra libre anyone?

Turtle Bay Opening

It seems that everywhere but Sheffield has a Turtle Bay, well that is until now! I’d heard of the chain, but never been to one. So, when I got invited to the opening of the new restaurant I snapped it up. Why wouldn’t I? A chance to try more rum, different foods and see something new in my fair city, I’d be silly not too!

Hosted as a ‘Caribbean Social’, Turtle Bay is full of ‘rum, reggae and and jerk‘ and I’m certainly not denying that! We were warmly welcomed with a glass of rum punch, informed that there would be food and drink served throughout the night as well as plenty of music!

Each hour we were given different dishes to try. We were able to order freely at the bar and encouraged to danced our way through the night.

Turtle Bay, Sheffield

All the food we tried was amazing. My own highlights were the sweetcorn fritters, mushroom and halloumi burgers, all the curries, in fact everything! Drinks wise, as you would imagine there’s a fantastic range of rum, and plenty of awesome (potent but delicious) cocktails. Turtle Bay also have their own IPA and Red Stripe on tap, which are both very tasty!

I have to commend all the staff, they were professional, fun and very welcoming especially with the stress of opening night! We are really looking forward to returning soon. Good food, great drinks and fab music who could want more in a night out!


What were your favourite moments of last month? I’d love to hear them 🙂



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