Five Things I love About My Bestie

It may seem a strange thing to say, but I don’t have many close friends. I have lots of friends, but it takes a lot for me to truly trust someone and let them in my inner circle.

One person who is stuck in there, she has no way out (even if she wanted to) is my lovely Nicola. We’ve been close for a long while now. We met through work, and then started playing together…late nights out until the sun came up, the dawn sessions were what we aimed for.

We’re complete opposites in a lot of ways, I’m more carefree than her, but she likes to let her hair down, I’m chatty whereas she’s quite reserved at first, she has great dance moves and I look like I’m trying to do the running man in a sack, that kind of thing.

We were always meant to be friends, but to have someone you’re totally comfortable with in every single way is a lot like bring in a relationship! I’m glad we’re close, I’m glad she’s my friend and I’m over the moon to call her my bestie!

Me and my bestie

So Nicola here’s 5 things that I love about you (of course there’s more, but it’d sound lame to list about 50 plus things!):

  • She’s always there for me regardless of what time of day it is. Nic is the kind of person who’ll give you an amazing hug after a really shitty day or a good talking to when you need pepping up. She’s full of good advice and has a great way of looking at things.
  • She’s funny in a dry way, her sense of humour is as warped as mine! Although I have to admit, that my sense of humour is a lot more filthy than hers!
  • She always looks amazing, she has a great sense of style and is pretty much a pro when it comes to doing her make up. One day she’s going to do mine, I hope to look as flawless as she does!
  • She’s adventurous, but laid back with it. She’s up for trying new things, but will go with the flow and make suggestions.
  • She’s great at planning, researching and organising things – give her a task to do and she’ll get it done and I don’t meet this in a work way, more trips and days out kind of thing.

We’ve seen each other through bad times and celebrated the good times. I really don’t know where I’d be without her, she’s my rock. Thank you Nicola for always being there for me, you know I’m always here if you need me x


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