Five Happy Things: May 2017

Five Happy Things: May 2017

I love thinking of my five happy things each month. It gives me chance to reflect on the good things that have happened, no matter how small they may be. May was eventful, lots of lovely things happened, more than five I have to add!

Here’s my five happy things for May

New Kicks

I love new shoes, in particular Adidas Superstars. My ever growing collection drives my other half mad, he tends to roll his eyes as if to say ‘yet another pair Jenny’, to which I reply ‘but they look so cute on my size 5 feet don’t they? Look!’ My shoe rack is full of Adidas and Converse All Stars.  I also have the odd pair of heels and boots (most I admit are glittery!). I simply can’t resist the odd purchase though and especially when I get them in the sale! These ones below are my latest purchase, aren’t they divine?!

New Kicks

Star Wars Day

This is one day I can’t help smile at. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, not in a geek way. I can’t recite lines or tell you which episode is which, I’m more the original trilogy girl. When it comes to May the 4th, the force will always be with you!

New Camera

For ages now I’ve been looking for something to bridge my DSLR and my iPhone when it comes to taking photos. I wanted something small and compact that I could just throw in my bag or have in my pocket. This little Canon Powershot G9X is simply perfect for that. Having recently taken it away and given it a good test drive I’m really happy with, again I got it for a bargain price!


Abbeydale’s P*ss Up in a Brewery

This is one event I’d been looking forward to. I’m a huge fan of Abbeydale and their range of beers. When it came to them opening their doors for a bit of a festival I couldn’t say no. We purchased last minute ticket for the Saturday day time session, which kicked off at 11:30am. It was safe to say that by the time out session was over at 4:30pm we were a bit worse for wear, we’d tasted loads of awesome beers probably too many – but it was good and I found a few new favourites!

My new drinking device!

Sheffield Gin Festival

Not to confuse this with the big gin festival, this was a new venture that didn’t quite go as planned in a number of ways. To be honest it was a bit of a disaster, you can read about it in this post I wrote after the event. The day wasn’t a write off to be honest, I was with good people and we had a fab time and that to me is that main thing.

My awesome gin necklace

I hope your May was full of lovely things too, I’d love to hear about them 🙂





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