Five Happy Things: June 2017

Five Happy Things: June 2017

Welcome to July and my reflection on June with my five happy things. I try not to repeat myself when I write these posts, but there are certain things that always make me happy! June as always was busy, with holidays, friends, work and well life!

Here’s my five happy things for June:

Annual Leave 

Oh yes, I love annual leave, but let’s be honest who doesn’t?! Time to catch up on things, relax and unwind and put things into focus. To be honest, aside from going to Norfolk for a week with the family (see below), I didn’t really do much. I organised my shoes, cleared my dressing table and got my haircut. I also binge watched OITNB and it was awesome!

Holiday with the family

It’s been a long time coming but the family decided to go away for a week. Norfolk was my mums chosen place, so we hired a holiday home big enough for the seven of us and headed over for a week. We had a lovely time. We stayed in a rural setting, close enough to visit places without driving all day. You can read all about our adventures here. There’s also a few tips for places to go and things to buy.

Wells Next The Sea

Picnic Tea

One of my favourite things about summer is easy eating, to me that’s usually in the form of a picnic or if I’m sounding posh a meze! Grazing meals alongside a buffet are pretty much my idea of heaven! Plates of meat and cheese, crusty bread, olives, dips, salads – y’know what I mean! It may not be healthy but it can be!

Tapas from the Beer Engine, Sheffield

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I first saw this necklace from I Am Acrylic ages ago and it was out of stock (sad face). Whilst searching for a gift for a friend I came across it again – it was like fate (or something like that!). Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite films ever, so this necklace is perfect for me. The only thing is now, I’ve seen what else they have in store and I’d quite like one of each!

I Am Acrylic’s Yellow Brick Road Necklace

52 Weeks of Gratitude

You may remember me starting this back in January? To be honest I got way behind on it. I know it’s not difficult to write one post a week, but I came to realise that a lot of the posts are similar. My objectives in starting the challenge were:

  • To be thankful for everything in my life
  • To gain better understanding into my own way of looking at things
  • To help my own mental health

It was quite simple, one post a week on a different topic. This year has been difficult, the loss of my dad has been hard to deal with and it still is. Losing my way with this challenge, has helped me realise a lot of things…

The small things don’t always matter but sometimes they’re the most important

What were your happy moments from June?

I would love to hear about them x



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