Five Happy Things: January 2017

Five Happy Things: January 2017

January is always a strange month, the post Christmas blues, dark mornings, no money until payday…the list goes on. Still there’s plenty of things to be seen and done in order to perk oneself up. To be honest, I’ve been busy at work this month so a lot of the socialising has been put on hold, but happy things don’t have to be social do they?

Here are my 5 happy things from January:

Pub Grub: Some days you just don’t feel like cooking, I’m lucky that I live near a great pub that does lovely food, the Rising Sun. Over recent years the pub’s had a rather big facelift and has changed from a bit of an ‘old mans’ pub into what’s known as a ‘community pub’, I think that generally means everyone is welcome. They have a great range of ales, from Abbeydale Brewery and then a load of guest beers too so there’s always something new to try. There’s always a warm welcome and the staff are generally very helpful! It’s nice to pop over and have a quick pint sometimes. Anyhow, Gary and I popped over for tea, the menu isn’t too large there’s plenty of good homestyle cooking on there with a few added specials etc. I’m not usually one for starters and desserts unless it’s a special occasion, but there were a couple of things that took my fancy. In the end I went for the pie of the day, ham and leek, and it was lovely and comforting just like a pie should be. Served with chips and peas I was stuffed after it. Gary went for the fish and chips (I’ve had this here before) and it was lovely. Sometimes it’s nice to just pop out for a quick tea and roll home to lay off on the sofa for a few hours!

Health: I often talk about my own health problems, that being mental health, my physical health is (touch wood) okay, aside from the odd sniffle here and there! My stepdad has been ill for a while now, he has cancer and has undergone surgery and chemotherapy. He was in recently in hospital for a week with an infection, being a nurse I’m used to hospitals, but I don’t like visiting them. To see things as a relative can be quite frustrating and I keep the fact that I’m a nurse very quiet. I’m grateful for the NHS and the staff who work for it. We have great healthcare here in the UK and the fact that there are so many cuts and issues around the NHS at the moment is heartbreaking, but I’m not going to go on a huge political rant, instead I’m just going to be thankful that we can access the services we need.

I got two ‘save the date‘ cards this week! I do love a good wedding, seeing two people share in the happiness of commitment is one of the most pleasurable events. It also gives me time to find the perfect wedding outfits! It’s a huge honour to be invited, thank you Bridie and S’Eddy!

When I’ve not been at work I’ve been doing course work (which I’ve now finished, hurrah!), my little cat Anthony Kiedis has been keeping me company whilst I research, write and swear whilst doing it. He’s my little fur baby, he wakes me up by shouting at me, demands food and then tries to sit on my lap before biting me, he then curls up in a box and falls asleep. Oh to have the life of a cat!

I’m not a huge fan of going to the cinema. I’m not a huge film lover, unless it’s something I really want to see. Since the end of December I’ve been to the cinema twice, which is a bit of a record for me! I’ve also found a place I really enjoy watching films at, that’s the Curzon in Sheffield. Last weekend we went to see T2 (Trainspotting 2). I loved the first film which is now 20 years old. I’ve read the book over and over again mainly as Irvine Welsh wrote it in dialect so you have to try and read it in a Scottish accent (or may be that’s just me?!). Anyhow, I’d pre-booked tickets for the Saturday afternoon showing and I was so excited. I’m not going to give any spoilers here, but all I would say it’s worth a watch. It’s a fantastic film with a great story line that leads on from the previous film albeit 20 years later!


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