Five Happy Things: December 2016

Five Happy Things: December 2016

It seems ages since I last blogged, December is always a busy month and I make no excuses for not putting fingers to keys and writing about it. I’m not going to go on about a new year/new start either, instead before I launch myself into 2017, I’m going to share my 5 happy things that happened last month.

Five went to Leeds – It was my birthday last month, with it being so close to Christmas I usually try and keep a low profile. This year I fancied doing something different, we all fancied a break from the usual routine to be honest. So five of us jumped on a train and headed up to Leeds for the day. As we’d been there in September we decided to go to a few places we missed out on.

We kicked off at Headrow House at the Ox Club. We’d reserved a table for brunch, it was a good job as the place is quite small and seemed very popular. After perusing the menu I’m not surprised, there were so many delicious sounding dishes on the menu, as a group we settled for a mix of full English’s and the flat iron steak with cheddar eggs. Good sized portions and not bad for the price.

We then took a hop, skip and a jump to the Beer Hall, a scandi styled room with benches, delicious smelling sausages and a great selection of beers (obviously). We had a couple of drinks here before continuing along to one of our favourite Leeds pubs, Mr Foley’s Tap House. We grabbed a couple of drinks as we managed to find a table, chatted loads and then headed down to Tapped. I like Tapped, although the general clientele aren’t my cup of tea (sorry), but when you’ve again found a table and people try and steal it from under your nose then that pisses me off a bit! Whenever I’ve been though I’ve enjoyed the beers, the staff have been welcoming and helpful and the pork crackling is awesome!

Ages ago I’d mentioned to our Nicola about the Friends of Ham, cheese and meat, what more could anyone want. I’d looked at reserving a table but due to it being so close to Christmas they weren’t taking bookings, sad face. Anyhow, we thought we’d test our luck and popped in, they said they’d give us a ring when there was a free table and we left it at that. We popped into the Brewery Tap, which was pretty much next door grabbed a drink and patiently waited, about an hour or so later we got a phone call and headed back to Friends of Ham. O.M.G, it was worth the wait! We ordered so much meat and cheese, also we all had a Delirium Red to drink (bloody love that stuff)…our bellies were so full, happy full. In fact when we were done we had to roll to the train station and just board the first train back home. Full of contentment. Such a lovey day was had by all.

Five go to Leeds

Five go to Leeds

Family times – like I just mentioned, it was my birthday. I’d been told by my sister in law that my nieces wanted to take me out for lunch, like they do for their birthday. I was told that Gary and I would be picked up after they’d been to church and they’d take us there. It was when we hit the M1 I got suspicious, I had no idea where we were going. Even Flo, who’s just turned 6 wouldn’t tell me, she just said it may be a pub and left it at that! Anyhow we pulled up in pretty much the middle of nowhere at a place called The Boat. I had no idea where we were!

So we waited outside for a about 10 minutes and low and behold my mum, 2 uncles and my aunty turned up. I was shocked, I really didn’t know what to say! We had a lovely meal there despite waiting over an hour for our table. I can’t even remember what I had to eat but it was good. I was so touched, I still am. It was great, the only downside was my stepdad couldn’t come along as he was ill, so we took the party back him and shared my awesome birthday cake!

Family Times

Family Times

The Festival Period – for me Christmas doesn’t start until after my birthday. This year I wasn’t working Christmas, so we got to spend it with family. I’ve worked at least the last 5 Christmas’s, usually through choice and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to do! I’d done my shopping, mainly via the internet, we’d decided what food we were taking to my families and then when we’d visit Gary’s family. It’s always a great time to catch up with people despite the running around.

I spent New Years at work, I was on a night shift. We don’t always do anything at new year, so working was no problem at all. I got to spend it with my work fam, a great bunch of people that I am lucky to call friends. They’re a top team and we had a good shift, despite it being alcohol free!

Sunrise on New Years Day

Sunrise on New Years Day

My Own Mental Health – I’ve struggled for years with anxiety and depression. I take anti-depressants and to be honest I don’t ever plan to come off them! Recently I’ve been in a good place, although the anxiety is still an issue at times I am able to work through it (thanks you CBT). When I was struggling a bit early last year, I saw my GP we discussed using creativity as an output, that’s why I restarted blogging. It gives me a way of expressing myself, discovering new things and a sense of satisfaction once I’ve pressed the publish button. I also plan to use my time to discover more of my interests. I plan to get my sewing machine revving again as well as getting my head around how to use my overlocker properly! I think for the first time in a long while I can say I’m happy and if I’m not happy then I’m content and that’s just fine with me.

C'est Moi!

C’est Moi!

The Ability to Reflect and Project – the last year has thrown it’s challenges not just to me but my family too. December the 24th 2015, my step dad was diagnosed with cancer, since then he’s been in and out of hospital and recently undergone a period of chemotherapy. It’s taken it’s toil on the family as a whole, but we stand strong together. At the moment he’s doing okay, he’s on a rest from chemo but has recently been back in hospital when a chest infection, at least he’s home now and is happy with the TV remote sat in his hand!

I thought I’d put this in my 5 happy things, because we don’t know what the future holds, but I know I am lucky. I have a wonderful family, great friends and a good life. I can’t complain at all, but I just wish I could make things better.


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