Five Happy Things: April 2017

Five Happy Things: April 2017

Where is this year going? April flew by so quickly and we’re already in to May and believe it or not some people are already counting down to Christmas…awful isn’t it!

March was such an upside month for me and the family. April started off with mixed emotions still in times like these you have to take the positives out of life. Luckily last month was a relatively upbeat one with plenty going on (mainly working) to take my mind off things and focus on the happy things!

Here’s my five happy things for April

We welcomed into the world Beatrix Alma, also known as niece number 3! She’s a cutie and I’m sure will get lead astray by her two older sisters!

Beatrix Alma aka B or Trixie-Bea

Food, glorious food, we visited a couple of new places in April. When I say new places I mean to us, one was Craft and Dough in Kelham Island, the other is our local pub (The Rising Sun) who’ve recently added a new dining room to the pub. Certain to say I’ll be heading back to both for more!

Piggy Smalls Pizza

There’s one thing that amuses me to bits, whenever I see my nieces they want to Snapchat! At the moment all they want is the scary rabbit filter instead of the cute girl pics…whatever keeps them quiet is okay by me!

Our Flo loves Snapchat!

Over the bank holiday Gary and I have managed to spend a bit of time together and had a couple of ‘date‘ days, more of this in a later post! But it was fun and quality time together is always well spent!

Gotta Love Date Days!

I don’t often talk about work, but it’s been great recently. I’m not saying it’s not usually great, but I’ve found myself being more challenged and getting involved in stuff more and I love it. I have a job that rewards me and I work in an awesome team, I couldn’t be happier!

Leaving work to blue skies


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