Five Go To Leeds

Five go to Leeds sounds a bit like an Enid Blyton book gone a bit wrong, doesn’t it?! But back in February I was talking to some friends about how awesome Friends of Ham is. Anyhow we decided we’d head up there for lunch and a few drinks. Cutting a long story short, we ended up booking a hotel for the night and making the most of the city, hence why five go to Leeds!

We headed up to Leeds on the train, it only took about an hour. Getting there we popped into the Brewery Tap, a great little pub next to the station with a good selection of beers and had a quick drink.

We’d booked a table at the Friends of Ham so headed there for our 12:30 reservation. My word what a way to start the day, loading up on lovely meat and cheese. I wish I could start everyday this way. I had the Raclette, which is basically cheese, potatoes and cornichons and added the Seranno grand reserva ham to it. Nicola and I shared a plate of sautéed mushrooms and melted gubbeen served on sourdough bread to it as well as bread and oil. The other girls had sharing platters of meat and cheese. Drink wise, we couldn’t go wrong with a glass of Delirium Red, an aces cherry beer I usually quaff around Christmas time, it’s simply (and this is a word I don’t use often) lush! We had great service in a relaxed atmosphere and it’s certainly a place I love to go back to.

Our check in wasn’t until 3pm, so we wandered round to near the apartments and came across another pub, Bower’s Tap (which happens to be our Nic’s surname!). We spend a bit of time chatting, had a few drinks until it was time to head over.

Bower’s Bar

We checked into the Briggate Boutique Apartments. We’d booked a double-double room and a double room (originally there were 6 of us going, but one had to pull out last minute *insert sad face here). The rooms were well designed, luxurious although a little dark even with the lights on. We’d booked a balcony room, although the views were only of the train line it was nice to get some fresh air and a bit of sunshine. So four girls in one room and one in another, there was make-up, clothes, hair straighteners every where! It was like being 15 again, but this time with uber amounts of Prosecco to drink whilst we were getting ready, we even had mini speakers so we could put on some cheesy tunes!

Now I’m not one for huge amounts of make-up, I’ve certainly never contoured so I kind of got attacked (nicely) but a couple of the girls who decided to ‘do me up’ for the night, well now I’m a bit of a convert – I had cheekbones! So now I’ve bought myself a cheap contouring palate and I’m going to practice!

Once ready, we thought it best to get some food, so we taxi’d up to the Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen to get a quick bite and a few more drinks. I love the burgers in there and the fries are from another world, so it would be rude not to oblige!

Patty Smith’s burgers are a true delight!

We spent time on the roof terrace and then headed down to our chosen venue for a few hours, oh yes we were going to karaoke!

We’d booked a slot at Mix Karaoke Bar, it was 2 hours for £130, but you do get that money to spend on drinks! We’d done a bit of a pick and mix on the songs, entering them in to a hat and each person would do one in turn or choose someone else to duet with…it didn’t quite go to plan. There were shots and beers flowing and a screen full of songs, we had two hours of the ultimate fun…it went so quickly, as did the bar tab. It was an experience I wouldn’t forget in a hurry! We all agreed that it was awesome, nothing better than booting out cheesy pop at the top of your lungs!

Once our session was over, we headed to the beer hall at Headrow House. I love the bar here, great drinks and comfy surroundings. It’s a place that would be great for a first date or something more intimate. It was a bit subdued for us, I have to be honest! We were in a party mood so we headed down to The Calls to find a few places to continue our night. We came across the Call Lane Social, we pretty much stayed there all night. It wasn’t particularly crowded, the drinks were great and the vibe was good – the music as well was something we all enjoyed. It was great!

Call Lane Social

We finally crawled into bed after too much rum around 3am clutching a McDonalds and chatting nonsense! Our check out wasn’t until 12 the next morning, so we lounged around for a bit before getting food and heading back home (some of us with sore heads!).

It was a great night with the girls in Leeds, I really needed it! We all work together and play together, but due to shifts there’s not much down time…we did say we’d do it all again, though we did mention Amsterdam – Now I wonder what trouble could we get up to there?!

What I enjoyed most:

  • Spending quality time with my friends
  • Spiced rum, I do like rum when it’s spiced
  • Discovering new places
  • Contouring, like I said I may be a convert to this, but I need to practice
  • Leeds has so many places to discover, so I’ll definitely be back

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