Brewdog Beer Tasting

It was my lovely Gary’s birthday at the start of September and as always it was a nightmare trying to work out what to buy him, he’s like me if there’s something he needs he gets it there and then! Anyhow I’d racked my brain and bought him a few bits and then my mum asked what to get him, so I shared with her one of the ideas I had that I’d seen on Groupon – Beer, Cheese and Meat Tasting Session at Brewdog, so she got him that. It was something we could do together and something a little bit different than just spending an evening in the pub!

We booked in at Brewdog in Sheffield, a venue we’re familiar with but don’t often go – it can fill up quickly at busy times, but we’d picked a Thursday evening at 6:30 and there were only a handful of people there! We made our presence known at the bar, we’d arrived early but didn’t quite know what the deal was, we were informed that there was another couple coming and they’d start at 6:30. We grabbed ourselves a couple of beers (Live Dead Pony) and sat down, chatted and waited. We were a bit unsure about beer tasting with strangers, but we’d see how things went. Anyhow, the other couple didn’t turn up, so we had a short swift introduction to Brewdog, how it was set up, the brewing process, hops and malts used and about different beers. Our host (whose name I didn’t catch), was relaxed, informative and seemed to appreciate our interest in beers. There were five beers involved in the tasting that systematically ranged from pale IPAs to dark stouty types, the beers we had were:

  1. Punk IPA
  2. Dead Pony Club
  3. Proto Kolsch
  4. 5am Saint
  5. Jet Black Heart, although I had Vagabond as I don’t like dark beers 5am Saint is just about my level!

It was a good choice of beers, as we tried a lot of beers we were familiar with and a few new ones too. They were served as a third instead of a pint, so if you didn’t like it you didn’t have much to drink and also this wasn’t about drinking, more about the tasting and learning.



Brewdog Sheffield had stopped doing the meat and cheese tasters, so instead we got offered a pizza, which were made in-house. We chose the Spicy Meat, covered with nduja, spicy pepperoni, chilli flakes, smashed tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Wow, it was a perfect round off to a great tasting session and fired up the tasted buds so much we got ourselves another half of Live Dead Pony!


  • Informal session by the host
  • Great selection of beers
  • Able to take time with drinks
  • Took into account of likes and dislikes
  • Bargain price of £20


  • Wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much in a group with strangers

Would I recommend it? YES! Great price, great drinks and a whole lot of information on the brewing process.

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  1. I’m quite liking the brewdog stuff… For some unknown reason to me I really like the Elvis juice. I don’t like beer fruit buy that works… Evil brew twins take up more of my time tho

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