An Afternoon at Sentinel Brewhouse, Tap and Kitchen

Situated a skip, hop and a jump from Sheffield train station is Sentinel Brewery. It’s a place that’s been on my radar to visit for a while, but sometimes life/work take over. Anyhow, we had an afternoon free so we popped down to check the place out.

On the outside Sentinel isn’t anything special, it’s on the inner ring road surrounded by student flats, old warehouses and old prefab carpet warehouses. As we walked in, we were nicely surprised. Open plan, atmospheric lighting, a big bar and the brewery all in one place, it was very welcoming. We both got a pint of the Sentinel Kolsch (AVB 4.8, IBU 19), a light and refreshing drink that went down a bit well, so we got another one to follow whilst we perused the menu.

Sentinel Brewhouse
Sentinel Brewhouse

The menu is simple with some lovely sounding dishes on, including their home made pizza. It took us a while to decide what we fancied to eat. We kept chatting about the beer and deciding on which beer to try next. Sentinel host a number of guest beers as well as their own. We were tempted by the sound of the tasting flight, four thirds for £5, the only thing to note here was the beers have to be Sentinel’s own. We decided we’d share the flight, we went for the Summer Gold (AVB 4, IBU 32), Rhubarb Rosehip Gose (AVB 3.4, IBU 15), Anti-Antipodean (AVB 6.5, IBU 60) and the American Red (AVB 5.2, IBU 45).

Tasting Flight
Tasting Flight

At this point we decided to order food, it’s not a surprise that we both ordered the rump steak though there was plenty of choice! Suggested in the menu it was to be served medium rare, although both of ours were overdone, Gary’s so much so we sent back – I was too hungry to send mine back. Fair’s fair though we got the money back on his and no issue was made of this, steaks can be difficult to get right and I’ve sent plenty back in my time. It was delicious though, and the onion rings were to die for!


Anyhow, we started with our flight board, in a random fashion…

  1. Rhubarb Rosehip Gose – Not too salty or bitter, very refreshing and easy to drink.
  2. American Red – Not too bitter or toasty for me, not massively exciting for a beer but a good solid pint all the same.
  3. Anti-Antipodean – smells like it tastes, a bit like a ‘heavy’ lilt drink.
  4. Summer Gold – light and fruity, it’s described as lemony but I couldn’t taste it although there was a hint of citrus, again nothing too exciting here, but it was a lovely pint.

I’m a big fan of real/craft ale. I’m always searching for my perfect beer, nothing that’s so hoppy it tastes like toilet cleaner or too dark, watery or well just not to my taste – call me fussy I’ll take that, but I know what I like!

My favourites of the flight board, were the Anti-Antipodean (known as the Anti-IPA on Untapped) and the Rhubard Rosehip Gose, both tickled my taste buds, although what I really did enjoy was the Kolsh.

Sentinel is a great little place, the staff were helpful, the food was lovely and the beer delightful. To be honest it’s a place you could get absolutely hammered in, in a good way 🙂

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