52 Weeks of Gratitude: Someone Who Inspires Me

My 52 weeks of gratitude challenge seems to have come to a bit of a stumble at the moment, this may be one of the shortest, yet hardest, posts I write especially when it comes to inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about someone who has inspired me. It’s rather poignant at the moment, you see my (step)dad, whom I’ve mentioned before, passed away just over a week ago. Whilst I’m not going to go into all the details of it all, it’s still very raw, as a family we’ve been talking about him and his life in preparation for his funeral.

He’d been brought up in hard times and had worked a variety of jobs throughout his life. He married my mum when I was in my late teens, it was hard to adjust to in the early days but through time we became close and had a great relationship. He was a good man, he didn’t say much but he showed his affection in the things he did. He was generous through and through although you didn’t always realise it at the time!

In the way of the world, he was my dad, he did more for me than my biological father. He was always there, usually with a bad joke, bit of advice or even just a nod of the head. He was talented through and through, he fitted our kitchen, he made a suit, he could turn his hand to anything and his attention to detail was meticulous. He inspired me with his perfectionism, the way when he got an idea he’d follow through with it…it was the little things he said or the little things he did that would put a smile on your face.

I miss you and will miss you every single day, thank you for helping become the person I am today.

Sweet dreams x


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