52 Weeks of Gratitude: Simple Things in Life

Enjoy the simple things in life, if they aren’t the rules, then they should be. So far, through doing my 52 weeks of gratitude challenge I’ve learnt to be thankful for everything I have. The simple things are the one that brings the most pleasure to me and to others.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives forget that the little things matter. As I type this I have a certain song from the Sound of Music in my head.

Sorry (not sorry), but I had to share. Surely as cheesy as this song is, it’s bound to put a smile on even the hardest of hearts or even make you stop reading here (please don’t!).

Life is full of simple pleasures, as ol’Maria sings a few of hers, I’m going to share a few of mine.

A Few of My Favourite Things 

  • A smile from a stranger
  • Small victories (yes even this post!)
  • Comfort foods (pie, toasted cheese sandwiches and Heinz tomato soup to name but 2!)
  • A long bath (with bubbles!)
  • Finding money hidden in a pocket
  • Long cuddles with lovely people
  • A long lie in (although my body clock wakes me up at 6am each day, unless I’m on nights!)
  • Small gestures of kindness (nothing big or shiny just simple things they don’t even have to be bought!)
  • Fresh flowers (preferably given to me, although I do treat myself every once in a while)
  • Good company (even the furry kind!)

It doesn’t take much, but these are the kind of things we forget about and we let the big things overrun our lives.

Simple pleasures

It takes seconds to brighten someones day, but there are two rules to follow…

Two Rules

  1. If it makes you happy then do it
  2. If it doesn’t then don’t.

I’d love to hear what your simple pleasures are. What makes you smile? What do you do to make others smile?


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