52 Weeks of Gratitude: A Talent That I Have

52 Weeks of Gratitude: A Talent That I Have

Like I’ve previously mentioned I’m not one to blow my own trumpet! I’ve been thinking about my talent(s) in this part of my 52 weeks of gratitude challenge. It’s tough, there’s many things I enjoy, but wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m talented at them!

Things I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, blogging, gaining new skills and undertaking a variety of projects. I also love my job, but I’m not necessarily talented at them. One of the things I love to do is take photos, mainly of bands/musicians. I don’t do this as often as I like, in fact I rarely take my camera out these days (as I’ve previously mentioned in other blog posts this is something I hope to change!).


Why do I enjoy music photography? It’s a cliché to say I love capturing moments.

Were you at that gig? Do you remember when that epic moment happened?

These are the things people remember, to capture a moment can mean so much to so many. To me it’s a way of relaxing, from setting up the camera to the whole editing process it’s enjoyable.

The other thing is you get to meet some fab people, other photographers, pr officers, people from venues. It’s nice to be able to say hello when you visit places (just remember to avoid the camera chat!)


Who do I take photos of? I’ve shot bands in the local pub and at big festivals. My preference is the smaller band in a small venue, there’s something rather cosy about it all. Discovering new talent is something I enjoy, although I’m a sucker for shooting big names too! I’m not going to bleat on about who, when and where, I’m not a name dropper y’know!

I also hope to venture into portrait photography. I have a few projects I’d love to undertake up my sleeve, I’m not talking about anything fancy here just something simple and sleek that I can develop my skills with!

So, I haven’t taken any photos for what seems like an age now. I’ve mentioned several times now I really want to get my camera back out…more like I need to, I’m so out of practice 😉

Here’s a couple of photos of the band LOGS which I took back in March at Outlines Festival in Sheffield


I’d love to hear about your talents – What talents do you have? Why do you enjoy them?



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